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Might have posted this before…… Once more won’t hurt.


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This is another really cool app promotion video for Summly, which summarizes news articles into readable chunks.

The video animates, in an illustrative way, the functionality of the application. Its nice that its just the iPhone and app.

This is either the best thing ever, or the worst. I can’t decide.



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Photo content permissions

While in town the other day, I stopped into the National Photography Archives in Temple Bar. It is part of the National Library of Ireland, which holds the most comprehensive collection of Irish documentary material in the world. The National Library collections comprise a number of formats, which have been grouped into four categories: Printed (books, periodicals, newspapers, official publications, maps and music), Manuscripts, Visual (photographs, prints & drawings, and ephemera) and Digital


I wanted to enquire about how I would go about using archived photos from the time of the Easter Rising for my app.

I picked up some contact details while I was in the gallery for Glenn Dunne. He looks after the reproduction and publishing of National Library material. I sent him an email today, so hopefully he gets back to me soon enough.


Some more mockuuuups

So, the last few days have been dedicated to the actual content of the app. I’ve put together a document containing all the historical content I think would work for this app.

From the start, Ive wanted this app to be more focused on the locations and the photography, so I don’t want something that is too text heavy.

I thought, seeing as 2016 is going to be the 100 year anniversary, it’d be cool to do a ‘past/present’ type layout. I think this will work very well for the content, as many of the locations involved in the Rising have since changed. Many building were left damaged or completely destroyed with new ones having been rebuilt since.

Each location will contain a sub-header bar which will navigate the user to 1916 and 2016 sections. The user, will land on the 1916 section, where they will find information about the particular location. This will include, the address of the building, when it was constructed, its purpose, who was located there during the Rising, and any signifiant events. The 2016 section, will contain any information regarding the aftermath of the Rising, in relation to the possible reconstructions at the location, and what that building’s purpose might be today.

Here are some mockups to give you a better insight to my proposed page layout:




The JQuery Mobile UI Framework allows for simple construction of a page like this, using the data-role=”navbar” attribute. I can then work on adding in the content for each section.


NOW&THEN – The Rising


Came across this while doing research for the content.

Love this ‘now & then’ concept so much.

Daily Problem Diary – Friday March 29th

Today I’ve been working my way through some styling and functionality issues with the UI.

The JQuery Mobile site is seriously so great for referencing. The demos section has everything you need for building a nice framework.

I’ve also been touching up on some basic HTML and CSS with W3 Schools and other online resources such as Stack Overflow.

The more I get everything together and functioning correctly, the more I can begin to play around with the CSS and get this looking exactly how I want it to.