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Gallery Slideshows for JQuery Mobile

So Ive researched a few plugins. I have one working prototype but Im having trouble displaying the thumbnails as a grid.

The working prototype’s plugin is fromĀ Photo Swipe


But I’ve come across this plugin below that Im gonna give a go too. I’d prefer the gallery to not display as a grid of thumbnails. This plugin below displays them as one image across the screen with navigation controls, which is what I want.


I’ll report back……..


Reporting back……

So I got the Pixedelic plugin to work and it looks pretty cool…. but maybe a little tacky for me to be honest. The gallery plays through the photos with some ‘gross’ transitions. I might have a look at the code and see if I can remove some of these animations. I’m not really into them.

I’m gonna go on another search and see what other plugins I can find.


NERD LYF – Google Geo Developers Blog

Following some videos, examples and Q&A via the Google Geo Developers Blog


Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 13.51.20


So on further investigation into how I’m going to get this MEGA ball rolling, I discovered that the best way to build my app will be using Dreamweaver. On the Phonegap website, they had starter guides for each OS system (iOS, Android, Windows). As I want to build an iOS app, I read over their starter guide and quickly realized the complicated process that was ahead of me with even setting the bloody thing up. Apple suggest that you build using Xcode, which is their own development environment for creating apps.

However, that is a road I dont really want to go down. I’m best sticking to what knowledge of coding I already have a working from there. So working with HTML5, CSS, Javascript and the Jquery Mobile UI Framework is the way to go.




History Apps (This is what I wanna do!)

Museum of London: Street Museum



On researching the area of history tour guide apps, I came across this app, which can be simply described as a ‘Street Museum”. This app is exactly what I hope to aim for with my finished product. The main aim behind this app, is to encourage the user to explore the locations for themselves on the map. Again at each location the user can access photos and information relating to each spot.

The event more impressive feature with this app is the 3D image view. The app recognizes your location (GPS) and then overlay the historic images.

photo 4

photo 15

photo 14

photo 13

photo 11

photo 12