by julesmcdee

Yeah so the last week or 2 havent been great, in terms of keeping motivated. Things have slowed down a little for me, as assignments begin to build up with my other modules.

I need to remind myself why I want to do this project. I love my idea, and Ive been confident about it from the start, however, its getting my head around actually bringing it together as a functioning application…. Thats the tough part.

However, the more I read about coding and developing, the more interested I become in it, funnily enough. I read through code snippets and try and break them down and work out why it is constructed in such a way. I love that part, but I just gotta get stuck into it myself. I have this fear about it, a fear about trying it out for myself. I know I have a good understanding of it, but I just need to start working and building experience from practice. ‘Practice makes perfect’ an’ all DAT SHIT!