Lorcan Collins

by julesmcdee

Lorcan Collins is part of the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour in Dublin. He is also the author of  ‘The Easter Rising’ and a new biography on James Connolly titled ’16 Lives – James Connolly’. His tour takes you around to the relevant locations to the Rising in Dublin City, giving you an insight into the history and those involved.

It was arranged by Hugh to meet with Lorcan, in hope that he would be interested in being involved with the app idea.

I got in touch with him by email and he was very enthusiastic about meeting. I arranged a date that suited us both and we had a sit down and a chat about my idea. I filled him in on the concept in hope of receiving some feedback and his own thoughts on the project.

Lorcan was very pleased with the idea.  Incorporating this important history with new technologies is a new step in educating people.

The government, over the next few years, will be very much involved in this centenary and the ways in which they can distribute the historical content of the time. The use of new technology will help to reach out to a younger generation, to remind them of the hardships that our country has been through.