Dublin Tagged.

by julesmcdee

Dublin Tagged is a project put together by the Dublin Design Collective. It is based on the same project held in Helsinki, of course named Helsinki Tagged. The aim of the project is to encourage people to rediscover their city, and to remind them that they live in a dynamic and inspiring place.

The project involves scattered memories of peoples experiences of living in Dublin city. The memories could be found at various locations around the city printed on large red tags.

There was also an interactive element to the project where people were encouraged to take photos of the tags and send them in, with those with the most photos winning a prize.

I love interactive things that involve a space, in this case Dublin. I love the work that has been going on in this city to make people realize or remember that they are from such a fantastic, inspirational place.

Thats what I hope to achieve with my project. Something that people can get involved in, and learn something in the process.

In relation to the 1916 Rising, there are 12 locations around Dublin city that are significant to the event. I hope to focus on this area behind the history, which will encourage people to travel around Dublin to the locations themselves and to learn about what exactly happened at each point.