Some more brainstorming this week…

by julesmcdee

This week, we again had the chance to sit down with some interesting group tasks.

We were shown an interesting video about how interactivity can work as an incentive to a user.

So the task for this week was to create an idea, using a topic, to change peoples behavior for the better. We began as a class to throw up some possible topics to work with. Some included, students smoking in non designated areas of the college, queue skipping, talking in the cinema, not washing hands after using the toilet.

We were divided into groups and given an a1 sheet to start a brainstorm on our topic of choice. Our group picked ‘students smoking in non designated areas’.

This year on the ITB campus, there are some new rules about smoking. Students must use only the designated smoking area when smoking and are no longer allowed to smoke anywhere else on campus. However there are still alot of people who are breaking this new rule and still smoking in the doorways and on the boardwalk. For non smokers this is a bit of a nuisance. We wanted to put a campaign together that would aim to re enforce this rules to those who choose to break it.

One idea that we developed was about humiliating those who break the rule. We came up with the idea to create a viral video where those caught smoking in non designated areas of the college would be singled out. The idea was to bombard them with cameras and things like silly strings and water guns and to catch them completely off guard and film their reactions. The aim here of course would be to get people thinking about the rule and to not break it in fear that they might be ‘ambushed’ again.

Some issues we came up against were of course regarding the safety of the students and while it would be fun and effective to undergo this project, alot of people could be upset or very annoyed if it happened to them, and in turn could cause more trouble then necessary. On further discussion we developed the idea to be created in a controlled environment. It would appear to the audience that these people were randomly being filmed, however they would be set up scenes using real students  who have agreed to act out the scenes.

We wrapped it all up by presenting the idea to the class and everyone seemed impressed by the idea, giving feedback also.

Once again this week, it was really fun to sit down and brainstorm a random topic in a group. You can surprise yourself with the interesting ideas that come out of your head when you’re given a task like this.