by julesmcdee

I’m looking forward to this! It’s gonna be tough, but I feel motivated and ready to take this ‘bad boy’ on. I just gotta keep this little ‘possi buzz’ going and I think I’ll make it out on the other side….. the other side being the ‘real world’.

This week we had our first Final Year Project session and I really enjoyed it. I like sitting around and having a bit of a word vomit with ideas and stuff. And its funny, cause I really see the benefits from my internship coming out. I feel more confident to just blurt things out and get ideas down on paper, and discuss and argue them with my classmates. The more you get it out, the more confident you become, because you come to realize that your brain can actually put together some interesting ideas and concepts. Its all such good practice.

The exercise involved us taking a theme/word and developing a creative idea based on that.

‘Cow’! That was the word of choice. We started with some word association, jotting down any words relating to ‘cow’. Words like milk, cheese, diary, burgers, carbon monoxide, farms, etc.

We then started to figure out what we could do using a technology. We decided to develop an educational game app. The app would be supported by The Irish Diary Council. The app would be available to App and Android users. The user would download the game onto their mobile devices and on purchasing any Irish diary produce they would be able to scan a QR code which would 1, give them some information and facts on agriculture in Ireland and 2, allow them to download and build the game with further levels. The aim is to create awareness about Irish Agriculture while keeping the user motivated.

It was fun and great practice to sit down with a group and work together on an abstract task.